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Aisan Hoss M.F.A. has over a decade of experience as an accomplished college-level dance instructor, performer, and choreographer with specialization in Western Contemporary dance and Persian traditional and contemporary dance genres. As a performing arts educator, she unites culture with artistic expression to provide students with a unique learning experience built on compassion and trust. Hoss is an empowering instructor who, after overcoming obstacles of teaching underground dance classes in Iran (where dance is officially illegal), draws from her own experiences to inspire and empower students. She has extensive experience building dance programs and is an astute communicator effective in developing syllabi and course expectations.She is a dynamic performer and choreographer who is able to produce impactful shows, exhibitions, and programs that reflect upon culture, current events, and technique. Fluent in Farsi, Azeri, and English.



College-Level Instruction | Artistic Direction | Contemporary Dance | Team Leadership| Choreography |  | Cultural Arts & Expression |

Dance Program Development


2013 - Present


Assistant Artistic Director, Choreographer, Teacher – Ballet Afsaneh

Assistant Artistic Director responsibilities include production of performances, music selection, costume design, and marketing. Acts as consultant to Ballet Afsaneh on Persian culture and for selecting authentic Persian music and venues based on firsthand, native Iranian background. Fundraising has included securing funding from Creative Work Funds for production.

Choreographs dance pieces and brings new dance techniques to Ballet Afsaneh, including Western contemporary and Persian contemporary techniques.

Teaches Western contemporary, Persian contemporary, and traditional Persian dance technique classes to Ballet Afsaneh dancers and to students of the Afsaneh Dance Academy. Classes also include units on Intro to Choreography and Improvisation.



MILLS COLLEGE, Oakland, CA                        

Persian Dance Instructor/Course Development

Taught Persian contemporary and traditional dance technique to undergraduate dance students as part of the Mills College Dance program curriculum.

Designed the course syllabus, objectives, and requirements.

Course provided an overview of Persian culture and fostered an inclusive class environment for students to voice their concerns and questions about Persian culture.

Choreographed dance pieces for semester-end performances. Created a class format providing students with opportunities to share interpretation of Persian dance into the final choreographies.


2012 - 2013

PRIVATE & GROUP INSTRUCTION, Tehran, Iran                

Graham Dance Technique, Ballet, and Dance Composition Instructor

Taught Graham technique, ballet, and dance composition to approximately 100 students over 20 hours per week.

Developed course content.

Marketed and promoted dance classes.

Introduced Western dance techniques and histories to students.


2002 - 2007

NOVIN INSTITUTE, Tehran, Iran                    

Persian Ballet Dance Instructor

Taught Persian Ballet dance courses to adults 20 hours a week.

Planned and produced dance performances.

Marketed and promoted the dance program and special performances.

Designed and planned curriculum for all levels and populations.

As one of the few dance institutes in Tehran, prepared progressive lesson plans to enhance the experience of program participants.


2002 - 2006

BARAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Tehran, Iran                

Creative Dance Instructor

Taught youth classes for students between 3 and 7 years old.

Offered individual coaching to students.

Choreographed dance pieces for the end of year production.

Prepared student reports and met with parents regarding student progress.

Delivered sessions to ensure an exciting variety of creative dance.



2016 Identity Theft (Western Contemporary Dance), SAFEhouse Art, San Francisco, CA

Raghs (Contemporary Persian Dance), Ashkenaz community center, Berkeley, CA

2015 Yiel(D)isinherit (Western Contemporary Dance), Lisser Theatre at Mills College,

Oakland, CA

Del de Del (Contemporary Persian Dance), San Francisco City Hall, San Francisco, CA

Compoliticated (Western Contemporary Dance), Mills College, Oakland, CA

2012 The Voice (Western Contemporary Dance), Studio Theatre at Trinity Laban School of

Music & Dance, London, UK

2011 Peeling off to Death (Western Contemporary Dance), Bonnie Bird Theatre, Trinity

Laban School of Music & Dance, London, UK

Mourning & Celebrating (Western Contemporary Dance), Trinity Laban School of Music &    Dance, London, UK, Screened on BBC/Persian; based on music composed by Amir Sadeghi

2010     The Self Portrait (Western Contemporary Dance), Trinity Laban School of Music &    Dance, London, UK

2009    Busy-Mind (Western Contemporary Dance), Trinity Laban School of Music & Dance,   London, UK



Current - Ballet Afsaneh principal dancer (2013 - current)

2016    Identity Theft (Western Contemporary Dance), SAFEhouse Art, San Francisco, CA

Water Table, Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, CA; choreographed by Melissa Fenley

& Company

2014    Scarambel, Mills College/ODC Dance Commons; choreographed by Merce

Cunningham; restaged by Holley Farmer

2013    Shift, Mills College Lisser Theatre and ODC Dance Commons; choreographed by

Sheldon Smith

Suite Sans Suite, Axis Dance Company, Mills College Lisser Theater & ODC Dance


2011    The Homeland, Bonnie Bird Theatre/London Schools, London, UK; choreographed by

Hagit Bar

2010     Improv Dance, Trinity Laban School of Music and Dance, London, UK; choreographed by Amir Sadeghi Konjami

Work the Line, Bonnie Bird Theatre in London, UK; choreographed by Gary Lambert

2009    In the Moment, Trinity Laban School of Music and Dance in London, UK; festival


2005    Negar Venue, Folkloric Dance

2004 - 2006    Fajr, traditional dance pieces choreographed by Hayedeh Kishipoor

2004    Arasbaran, Tehran, Iran; Persian classical dance

2003 - 2005 Raze Afarinesh, Talare Vahdat Theater; choreographed by Hayedeh Kishipoor

2003    My Iran, Armenia Theater; choreographed by Hayedeh Kishipoor



2015    Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.), Dance Performance and Choreography

Mills College, Oakland, CA

Awards: 2014 E. L. Wiegand Foundation Dance Innovator Award

2012    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Honors in Dance Theatre

    Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London, UK

2011     Martha Graham Intensive Summer Course, New York, NY

2009    Preparatory Certification in Dance

    Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London, UK

2006    Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Business Management

University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran





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