Nuance: an immigration story

October 16th, 2019


Lisser Hall

Mills College,Oakland CA

Nuance is a piece that incorporates Aisan Hoss and Basma's immigration experience coming to the US from their respective countries; Iran and Egypt. The piece incorporates Iranian and Egyptian influences portraying their roots; as well as contemporary and western classical influences portraying their artistic training in the US. Artistically, they are both: Eastern and Western, but does society allow you to be both or does it seek to put you in a categorical box that is simpler than the nuanced reality of the human experience? This piece seeks to dwell upon the struggles that come along with immigrating to a new land, the questions surrounding identity, leaving all that one knows, and the courage needed to face the new. These ideas are brought together and illustrated in Nuance through music and dance.

Tickets will be sold here soon.

Aisan Hoss And Dancers